AI Generated Content – the next panacea for content creation?

Chat GPT AI content generation

Have you ever considered the idea of a blog post written by artificial intelligence? As businesses continue to explore new ways of generating content, could AI soon become our new content marketing masterminds? As you read through this blog post, ask yourself: has this been written by a human or an AI? Chat GPT is […]

How to find blog topics

blog writing with a fountain pen in a book

Are you having trouble coming up with blog topics your next post? Are you struggling to find a blog topic that will keep your website visitors engaged? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with this issue. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 tips for finding the perfect topic for […]

What is Search Intent?

search intent people using smart phone searching

Search intent is the reason a user is conducting a search. There are various types of search intent, such as navigational, informational, commercial, and Transactional (the latter being the most important for businesses). It’s important to understand what type of search intent your customers have when they’re looking for your product or service so that […]

6 Local SEO Strategies for Traffic and Lead Generation

Local SEO

6 Local SEO Strategies for Traffic and Lead Generation Using local SEO strategies can help to grow your traffic and boost lead generation. Keep on reading to learn effective SEO techniques that work. Did you know that if somebody looks for you on their phone, and finds your business, they will most likely visit or […]

Writing great content with Google in mind

article writer

Google personnel and content developers have over time learned the art of developing great, appealing, eye-catching content, consequently making the company earn its giant title of world’s most significant search engine.  The team works with a set of guidelines that Brian Ussery, one of Google’s most popular contributors, recently shared to enlighten creators of digital […]

Why Landing Page Development Is Important For SEO

landing pages

Why Landing Page Development Is Important For SEO Did you know that landing pages are essential to your website? Read on to learn why landing page development is important for SEO. Landing page development is incredibly important for both increasing your conversions and boosting your website’s SEO score. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the biggest challenges marketers […]

Plumbers have the worst pipes!

plumbers have the worst pipes

Dentist’s have the worst teeth and … sometimes webby people don’t practice what they preach!  That’s been me up until today… The story I tell my clients about why Blogging makes good sense You are unique in the world and people want to hear your story.  No-one has your experience, set of skills or outlook […]

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