Melbourne Vascular Website Rebuild


This client came to us as they weren’t getting the level of website traffic and conversions they desired. While we could have started with an integrated SEO and Adwords campaign to send more traffic, we felt that the best approach forward would be a complete website overhaul first to improve the user experience. 

The last site was built in 2013 and hadn’t been touched in years, so there were a number of improvements required to bring the brand back into the modern-day. This is a great example of why it’s important to keep on top of website updates. We can improve SEO on sites so they sit at the top of Google, but the experience people have when they hit your site will also play a part in whether or not they click to call, book or purchase.

With this particular site – Melbourne Vascular – we freshened up the layout and made the brand colours softer on the eye. The previous site had no contact information on the home page so we added both a header with a contact number, opening hours, a patient information link, and a footer with a book now link and further contact information.

When scrolling down the home page we added easy-to-read sections that clearly explain the clinic’s services and also added a contact form. All of these elements come together to give the patient a clear indication of what the business has to offer and make it easy for them to get in contact or book an appointment. These changes help convert a website visitor into a paying patient.

This same concept has then been continued throughout every page on the website. While the header and footer with ample information remain the same, where appropriate we have also added more call to action (book now) buttons to continue to prompt site visitors. A quick link sidebar is also on each page, making it even easier to navigate between sections.

The old website did not have many photos and each page only had minimal information which isn’t ideal, especially for SEO purposes. On the new site, we have provided more information while still ensuring it’s concise and easy to understand. Relevant pictures have also been added throughout each page, to break up the information, help explain sections and make it more enjoyable to read. 

These are just a few of the major changes we made when creating the new website to improve functionality and help generate stronger leads. When you couple this work with effective SEO, you have a higher chance of not only increasing your organic traffic but also targeting the correct audience. SEO is often an overlooked but extremely crucial part of long-term marketing strategy and is a great way for businesses to keep ahead of the competition. 

If you would like to book a no-obligation website audit so our expert staff can identify any improvements, please contact Felicity Jane Digital on jane@felicityjane.com.au.

Jane Cluff

Jane Cluff

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