Investing in Digital Marketing During a Recession: A Strategic Move for Forward-Thinking Businesses

man showing decline in business growth. Reasons to maintain digital marketing during a recession

Table of Contents Whilst investing in digital marketing during a recession might seem counterintuitive, it can be a game-changer.  In an increasingly digital world, businesses are faced with both challenges and opportunities, particularly during economic downturns. One such challenge is navigating through a recession, a period of significant decline in economic activity that lasts more […]

Converting Clicks to Clients

clicks to clients

Are your website clicks converting to clients? Converting Clicks to Clients A website is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses of all sizes reach new audiences and promote their products or services. However, simply having a website is not enough to guarantee success. In order to turn website visitors into paying clients, businesses […]

How to Drive Targeted Traffic Using Google Ads

Google Ads Sunshine Coast

How to drive targeted traffic to your website using Google Ads If you’re looking for a way to drive more targeted traffic to your website, Google Ads may be the solution you’ve been searching for. With this powerful advertising platform, you can create campaigns that target specific demographics and interests, resulting in more qualified leads […]

Content Marketing Trends That Will Be All Over the Internet in 2021

Hands of business women analyzing financial statistics

Content Marketing Trends That Will Be All Over the Internet in 2021 Content is the chief cornerstone of any prudent digital marketing strategy. Here are the latest content marketing trends that can be expected in 2021. Many online marketers had to adapt to new strategies and face challenges in 2020 due to the global pandemic. Most businesses […]

Google’s Algorithm Update

google update

Numerous industries from tech to recipes, health and finance, have been rocked by Google’s latest May 2020 Update which has rolled out in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Google announced the update on May 4 and called it the ” May 2020 Core Update”. The rollout of the algorithm will continue for up to […]

Internet + Humanity // What would it mean for humans to become data?


“I’m not comfortable with my body, so I want to get rid of it. This thing. All the arms and legs and every single bit of it. I don’t want to be flesh. I’m going to escape this thing and become digital. I want to live my life forever as information.” Bethany, the Years and Years transhumanist […]

7 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using Adwords


7 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using Adwords Marketing In an online world full of clutter, few digital marketing strategies can make you stand out more than Adwords marketing. Not convinced? Read these 7 reasons why your business absolutely needs to be using Adwords! Google owns 71 percent of the total search market share. Google […]

7 Reasons to Pay Attention to Local Search

7 Reasons to Pay Attention to Local Search When it comes to local search, it needs to be your top priority. See why it’s essential to dominate it so you beat out your competition. When you offer a specialised service, it’s important to pay attention to your location-based clientele. People within your region will be […]

Direct Vs. Organic Search: What’s the Difference?

natural search

Direct Vs. Organic Search: What’s the Difference? When it comes to direct and organic search, what makes them different from each other? Learn about which one you should be focusing on and how they differ. In the past, differentiating direct and organic search was simple. According to many, direct traffic was when a person arrived […]

Dynamic Relationship Between SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO digital marketing

Understanding the Dynamic Relationship Between SEO and Digital Marketing SEO and digital marketing can work hand in hand in helping your business become a visible, lucrative venture. Here’s how they assist each other. What’s the difference between SEO and digital marketing? How are they similar and what can they do for your business? Digital marketing […]

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