7 Ways That Programmatic Platforms Are Changing Advertising

Looking for a new way to advertise your business?

Thinking about using programmatic platforms?

While you may or may not have heard about it before, programmatic advertising is the way of the future. Programmatic platforms are changing the advertising landscape. They’re also changing the way that advertisers get their message out into the world.

Advertisers need to understand the many benefits of programmatic ads if they want to stay competitive. Unfortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with programmatic ads, it can be hard to understand exactly what they’re all about.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you about 7 big ways that programmatic advertising is changing the advertising industry.

1. Advertisers Are Embracing Automation

One of the top features of programmatic advertising is that it offers an automated way to buy advertising. Real-time bidding (RTB) functions as a large majority of this automation and allows for the automatic auctioning and buying of ad space.

Automated algorithms work to offer an ad to a user at the right time. It will be shown when they’ll be most likely to react to it in a positive way and when it will be most relevant to them. Advertisers can set requirements for placements and for their audience. Users can be targeted in a variety of ways including the device they use, personal interests, and their location.

With programmatic advertising, ad campaigns can be strategically managed and maintained. Ads will be shown only in the right places at the right times. This is in direct opposition to the traditional advertising approach of reaching as many people as possible every time.

2. Real-time Insights Are Influencing Business Decisions

Programmatic ads also offer advertisers the ability to see real-time insights and user data. Not only are bids managed in real time, but advertisers will always have full visibility into what is going on with their campaigns.

User data can be gathered and segmented automatically based on devices used, channels, and demographics. This extensive data can help predict possible pitfalls with a campaign, stopping it from continuing if necessary. It can also help advertisers find patterns that will allow businesses to make better decisions with future campaigns.

3. Ads Are Becoming More Personalized

With programmatic advertising, there’s never been better personalization and targeting available. Better targeting features and automation are helping advertisers to reach the exact people they need to reach at the right time. This allows businesses to more easily target people who are likely to take action, buy a product, or convert.

It’s important for a business to know who their target audience is when creating an advertising campaign. Advertisers can target users based on location, demographics, search terms, and other data. Because of this, advertisers who have a very specific customer base will be able to reach them more easily than ever before.

4. Advertisers Are Gaining More Control

Programmatic ads also offer more control for advertisers. With the increased amount of transparency, advertisers will have more control over the entire process. While much of the process will be automated, businesses will have more control over the type of people they reach and their goals.

Programmatic advertising campaigns are more transparent. They allow advertisers to see what types of customers are seeing their ads, what sites are being reached, and exactly what they’re paying. They’ll be able to tweak things to exactly the way they want them and will never be kept in the dark about how their ads are performing.

5. More Cross-Platform Advertising

Programmatic ads are also encouraging more cross-platform advertising. Programmatic ads appearing on all types of devices from smartphones to computers to TV. The rise of programmatic advertising is helping advertisers to pursue an omnichannel approach and ads are being optimized for each platform.

These days, people access the web from many platforms and devices. Programmatic ads can be used to help automatically determine where an ad fits best and where it will be most effective. This will help ensure that advertisers are always putting their message across on the right platform. They won’t have to simply hope they made the best choice for their ad location.

6. Advertisers Are Increasing Their Reach

Programmatic advertising can also help advertisers to have a wider reach. They’ll be able to discover new audiences through the use of advanced targeting and real-time bidding.

Programmatic advertising works to get an ad in front of the best possible person across many platforms and devices. It allows you to move beyond a few select advertising spots to get an ad to its best possible placement. With advanced targeting features and the use of “look-alike audiences”, it can be even easier to find the right type of person to show an ad to.

With programmatic advertising tools, advertisers will have a wider reach than ever before. They’ll ensure that they’re reaching the people who will respond the most positively to their message.

7. Increased Advertising Efficiency

Due to the many benefits of programmatic ads, advertising campaigns are becoming more efficient and effective than ever before. With improved targeting features, real-time bidding, and insights, programmatic advertising is helping businesses reach their ideal audience. This is being done in an automated way and with the fewest steps possible.

Many advertisers want the best bang for their buck and don’t want to rely on guesswork or a mass advertising approach. In this case, programmatic ads improve the process and make a much more useful choice for businesses.

Making the Switch to Programmatic Platforms

The advertising industry is always going through changes. However, programmatic advertising may end up being one of the most impactful of all. If you want to experience more success with your advertising campaigns, it may be time for you to get on board with programmatic platforms.

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