5 Tips to Creating an Instagram SEO Strategy That Works

Is your Instagram SEO strategy up to par? You can leverage the social media service to boost your rankings in search. Learn how here.

There’s no denying the value of Instagram for building a brand and connections. This little darling of a social media platform exploded in popularity. Instagram is now one of the preferred social media platforms of just about everyone.

There are more than a billion IG users worldwide.

Let that sink in.

You’ll want Instagram SEO to help your profile stand out.

This article shares some of the easiest ways to add SEO to your IG. So, follow along and prepare yourself to reach more people and build a stronger brand.

1. Optimise the Profile with a Keyword or Two

There are a couple of profile areas you could include organic keywords:

  • Username
  • Profile name
  • About info

Your profile gets indexed on the Web (not photos). Like any site, Google and the other search engines rely on keywords to understand the page. So, try injecting a relevant keyword into these areas as you see fit.

2. Find and Use Great Hashtags

Hashtags are the informative and navigational elements of Instagram. These describe the photo or help it connect with a trend or topic. Hashtags are essentially meta tags which you control to boost SEO.

Try this:

  1. Check competitors and note which hashtags they use
  2. Post your media and include one or two relevant hashtags
  3. Figure out which provide the biggest interaction
  4. Make a new list of the best hashtags for your efforts

This little process cuts down on hashtag spam. And, boosts what works on the platform. The result is an active community that’ll build up your brand image.

All of this leads to…

3. Leverage Your Brand Image and Connection

A big part of SEO is building backlinks to improve your reach and authority. Instagram SEO is no different. The more your image spreads, the better chances you’ll appear in search results.

Extend your reach by trying these:

  • Including your IG profile link in the byline when guest posting
  • Using embedded IG images from your profile in blog posts
  • Having webmasters link to your IG when they mention you

This gets your name out there while building backlinks to the profile!

4. Deliver Good, Quality Content to Followers

People follow your IG for its content and discussions. Deliver a great experience with remarkable images and you’ll have done half the work. 

Good content:

  • Gets people talking, sharing, and linking
  • Connecting and building up your brand
  • Wanting to work with you outside of IG

You are, in essence, becoming an influencer within your space. This can lead to coverage and connections that help grow your organic reach. With this extended reach comes a greater impact on your SEO because you’re everywhere.

And to think… it all starts with taking high-quality photos.

5. Keep Doing What You’re Doing Well

Dig into your IG analytics from the settings and learn about your best posts. Then, create more of that content as you already know it’s a hit.

You can do extra things once you have the list of top posts, too, like:

  • Adding them back into profile overview
  • Advertising with the most eye-catching ones
  • Reusing them on your site and in its content

Leverage what’s working. This creates a consistent experience for newcomers that translates into a broader reach!

Let’s Go Beyond Instagram SEO

A touch of Instagram SEO grows your reach through this popular platform. But it’s not the only important place you’ll want to get found online.

Visibility is everything, and you’ll want a strategy that works. Let’s work together and find an SEO strategy to grow your business. Then, amplify your impact through paid ads and incredible Web experiences.

Ready to explore what’s possible? Click here and let’s talk.

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