Felicity Jane Digital Named a 2024 Google Partner

Google Partner 2024

Felicity Jane Digital is thrilled to share some fantastic news close to our hearts! We’ve once again earned Partner status in the Google Partners program for 2024, and let us tell you, it feels like a celebration of our journey. Being recognised as a Google Partner means we’re part of an elite group, and it’s a big deal. It’s all about bringing even more value to your table. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and driving performance has never been stronger.

As a Google Partner, Felicity Jane Digital is recognised for maximising campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

Jane Cluff, Founder and Senior Specialist shared her excitement, saying, “Earning this status year after year highlights our long-standing passion for crafting standout marketing solutions. It’s about being at the forefront with Google Ads and beyond, ensuring we’re always there to boost your business with cutting-edge strategies and unwavering support. Here’s to more growth, together!”

As Google Partners, we get access to a wider range of benefits and exclusive perks that mean better service and more innovative opportunities for you. Think dedicated support, first dibs on new features, and invaluable networking that we bring back to fuel your success.

What it takes to be a Google Partner

Becoming recognised as a Google Partner is like earning a badge of honour in the digital marketing world. It’s not just about showing off to your peers (though let’s be honest, it does feel pretty good); it’s about what this recognition says about you and your commitment to excellence, growth, and helping others succeed.

At its core, achieving Google Partner status is about demonstrating proficiency and expertise in using Google Ads to its fullest potential. But let’s break that down into more bite-sized pieces:

1. **Master Google Ads:** First things first, you’ve got to know Google Ads inside and out. We’re talking campaign creation, optimization, and management. Google looks for agencies that not only use Google Ads but use it to achieve outstanding results for their clients. This means constantly learning, testing, and adapting to get the best ROI.

2. **Meet the Spend Requirement:** Google wants to see that you’re actively managing a decent amount of ad spend over the last 90 days. It’s their way of ensuring that you’re not just dabbling in Google Ads but are deeply involved in leveraging their platform for real, impactful campaigns.

3. **Deliver Performance:** This is where the rubber meets the road. Google assesses your ability to help your clients grow their businesses through Google Ads. It’s not just about spending money; it’s about spending it wisely to drive meaningful results. Think about increased sales, leads, and website traffic—whatever goals your clients aim for.

4. **Certifications:** Google requires that at least one person in your agency is certified in Google Ads, proving you have up-to-date knowledge of the platform and best practices. These certifications must be maintained so you’re always on top of the latest features and strategies.

Felicity Jane Digital has 4 specialists who are each certified in Search, Display,  YouTube, Shopping,  Apps, AI-powered performance Ads, Ads Creative and Google Analytics.

5. **Stay Up to Date:** Google’s digital landscape is forever changing, and staying informed about new tools, trends, and updates is crucial. This ongoing education ensures you’re always offering the most effective strategies to your clients.

It’s a journey of continuous improvement. When you achieve that Google Partner status, it’s a clear signal to your clients that they’re in capable hands—hands that are not only skilled but also genuinely invested in seeing them thrive.

About Felicity Jane Digital

Felicity Jane Digital is where data-driven marketing meets creative genius. We’re all about boosting your ROI through innovative customer acquisition and engagement. We tailor strategies that reach and resonate with your audience, ensuring seamless execution and stellar growth. Here’s to making complex marketing simple and successful together.

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