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Felicity Jane Digital is a digital marketing consultant that offers digital marketing consultancy services for businesses. Whether you are a national or family owned business, we can provide you with the digital marketing consultant strategies, advice and solutions you need to succeed. 

We pride ourselves on thinking both technically and creatively, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.


When it comes to an online Digital Marketing Strategy, it’s about more than just setting up Google Ads and using some Keywords. A solid digital strategy takes into account every aspect of your business’s online presence and has a clear direction with long-term goals aimed at increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, reducing costs, and closing sales.

Every business is unique with different marketing objectives. As a business owner, you understand that Digital Marketing is essential for your operations. You know that digital marketing connects you with your customers online and bridges that much needed relationship offline. 

Digital marketing can also bring you a lot of opportunities and growth, and can lead to more exposure and sales. Seriously, show us someone who doesn’t like more sales, right? Of course, if marketing was that easy, you would’ve knocked that ball out of the proverbial park by now, for sure…

Let’s face it, whether you’re a startup or you’ve been in the business for decades, reaching your target audience in creative and targeted ways is always the hardest to achieve. You can have the best product and the most clever distribution system, they really won’t matter if you can’t get the right message across to the right people at the right time.

Even if you’re aware of all the marketing buzzwords of SEO, PPC, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you find it difficult to get your head around them let alone put them into action. We get it. You rock your business, we rock digital marketing.


At Felicity Jane Digital, we deliver strategic digital marketing and holistic branding experiences to local, national and international businesses. We can create a myriad of exciting opportunities for you from sizzling websites to chatty content that will get your target audience all worked up the right way.

Throwing in the keyword of strategic, we know how to drum up that all important brand awareness because we do understand how to drop a number of well-placed touchpoints on your customers’ journey to Shopville. Even better, if you want to focus on a specific aspect of your brand to dazzle a niche audience, we’ll make that happen, too, through data-driven targeting.


As opposed to traditional marketing, where there’s only a guesstimate of how many people actually noticed your expensive billboard on the way to work (not even mentioning how many ended up converting from it), we track how your digital content performs. We run your ads and we generate leads, we measure, dissect and optimise. 

We carefully map out your target audience, and while we’re there, we have a strong look at your competitors, too. Why, you may ask? Simple. We need to know what they’re doing well, so we can do better for you. We suss out what they’re doing wrong, so we’ll steer clear of that nonsense. And the golden nugget; we also figure out what they’re not doing at all and bam.. We found your gap in the market. 

At Felicity Jane Digital, we also highly value customer engagement and retention. We get it, your business is all about face to face interaction and you do engage with your customers on a daily basis. Guess what? Digital marketing can take you to the next level, and we have just the right ideas for you based on research and carefully selected marketing strategies. 


Hmmm, did you say that your business does not engage with your customers face to face? Then digital marketing is definitely the thing for you. Technology is here to give you endless opportunities on how to engage with your audience online, whether it’s through email marketing, social media or even review management. We select the right digital mediums for you, and our team delivers stand-out content to build and retain a loyal community around you online.

The best part? When you use Felicity Jane Digital marketing services, we do this the cost-effective way. Make no mistake, marketing is an expense, and we do encourage you to leave room for your marketing budget. However, we’re all about delivering results the smart way. Our aim is to serve your and your customers’ best interest. Strategic planning is all about leaving out the guesswork (have we mentioned research?), and by doing so we eliminate the number of errors and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Our job is to digitally streamline your business to put you in front of the right audiences, so you can do what you do best. 

Why not get the ball rolling? We would love to have a conversation around your business needs, so get in touch now for your 30-minute free consultation.


Now you’re thinking about how ah-maa-zing this all sounds yet scratching your head, but HOW do they do it? Ok, let’s have a quick read over our services, shall we?

DMS - e-commerce

Us, marketers, love a good acronym. It adds to the mystery, right? Wrong. We’re here to break down the barriers between marketing and confused clients. Our aim is to deliver results through transparent work. DMS stands for Digital Marketing Strategy. DMS is about technology-enabled, data-driven digital performance marketing solutions to connect your business with your customers. Huh?

Sounds foreign? Let us translate that. It doesn’t need to sound so complex. Remember when we told you about putting your content in front of the right people at the right time on the right channels? DMS does just that, so you can sell online. We create marketing campaigns that run on collecting and analysing data, so your e-commerce brand can reach, engage, re-engage and convert your target audience.

Our DMS e-commerce approach includes:

Website analysis – Website analytics (using existing or benchmarking data) is more than just a process of measuring your web traffic. It is an excellent tool to assess and improve the effectiveness of your website. We’re all about optimising the user experience (again, this means that we want your website visitors to have the easiest sail to the checkout). 

We will look at your: 

Without your customers your business cannot function but do you really know who they are? Don’t worry, we love to work out these important details. We’ll fill you in on the needs, wants and desires of your ideal consumer. This will help you to improve or develop new products and services, even ones your customers may not even know they need. Oh, the beauty of digital marketing. 😉

Once we’ve collected all that data, we’ll actually build a detailed profile of your ideal consumer for you. We describe them to the tee, with a name, age, habits, hobbies, even their favourite pizza (only if it’s relevant, of course). Sometimes, you have more than one type of consumer who fits your target market, and we take care of those, too.

In close relation to consumer analysis and the development of the ideal customer persona, we’ll assess your current online users’ age, gender, location, income, job title and interests. Looking at these metrics is the first key step of understanding who buys your products and services, so we can tailor your online strategy and customise the buyer’s journey.

As part of the website analytics, we have a close look at your digital visitors. By following their user habits, we’ll check out which page they visited, for how long, and then what they did next. All of this data will help us to build a roadmap of your user’s online activities. 

In a strategic website analysis all metrics interlink with one another. The engagement analysis is no different. We’re further building on our clickstream analysis to assess how your users interact with your pages, content, links and overall navigation.

Here we go again, those funky acronyms. First things first, UX means User Experience, CX is Customer Experience, and DX stands for Developer Experience. That’s a lot of experiences. Simply put, we’re doing a deep dive from the tech side to see how we can improve your website inside and out.

Of course, you heard about the almighty Google ranking. The purpose of our SEO audit is to identify as many issues affecting organic search performance as possible. Based on the number and type of issues we’ll put together a range of customised recommendations for improvement and can even action them in-house for you.

It’s not enough that we have a close and hard look at your products/services and digital channels. To make sure you stand the weather of your industry we also need to look at your market positioning. We’ll assess your business’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) then benchmark them to the external Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) factors. We want you to know what can potentially impact your business, so we can build a bulletproof DMS.

We did get into this a little bit above, but to be clear, analysing the competitors means to benchmark your business within the market. It’s not just about finding the gap in your industry but also about how to enhance your already existing marketing and business strategy.

We live and breathe digital marketing but undeniably, our lives, and possibly your business, are inundated with an almost infinite number of marketing channels (shock, horror). Our channel analytics examine costs, usage, efficiency, integrity, integration with other systems and the value of each channel, separately and in relation to each other, so we can work out what is the best for you.

Having a digital framework and solid structure is one thing. Now you need to fill those with superb, show-stopping content. You may not be there yet (don’t worry, we’ve got you) but our assessment will find all the gaps to fill with those missing content pieces that will align your target audience with their buyer’s journey.

This is the 21st century and we all need to do better. We’re forever on the search for how to make money WHILE making the world a better place. We’re here so you can also make a difference by showcasing your social responsibility efforts through honest and transparent digital marketing.

Also known as free traffic. That’s right, finally something online that you don’t need to fork out your hard-earned money for. We cherish organic traffic and we love optimising for it not just for the search engine ranking but for other benefits, too. Organic traffic is important because your visitors from a search engine’s organic results have a very specific (targeted) intent and if you can answer their questions correctly they’re more likely to convert, and as a bonus you definitely earn more trust from your audience.

While this metric sounds somewhat perky, it is actually about measuring the number of visitors who land on your website without taking a specific action, such as filling out a form, clicking on a link, or making a purchase. A high bounce rate means that your site has issues with the content, page layout, user experience or copywriting. Since we’re analysing your bounce rate with all those other metrics, we can quickly assess what’s not working and can provide you with a sound strategy to fix it.

Ok, so this is one of the most basic types of user segmentations. New users are people who never visited your website before and returning users are people who checked out your stuff at least once before. So, why are we looking at this metric? The percentage of new vs. returning users can tell us how effective your current inbound marketing strategy is. From there we’ll determine what needs to be improved.

Let’s talk about money. Specifically, about money your customers spend. AOV in simple terms is the total revenue divided by the total number of transactions on your website. Of course, from an analysis point of view it is a bit more complex. AOV is also an important KPI (here we go again, our favourite acronyms), that’s vital to your online business. By improving your AOV you’re also encouraging your customers to spend more when making a purchase. How? That much needed strategic analysis will give us the answer.

That dreaded moment when your customer fills up their cart with all of your online goodies only to leave that hanging at the check out because the postie rang the bell, or their mother called, or simply because they didn’t like something within your check out process. We leave no stones unturned to go through your processes to identify all possible cart abandonment issues. Once we spot the problem we’ll develop a number of strategies to get that pesky shopper back on track, so they will happily complete the purchase.

This is the best part. The icing on your cake. The star on your Christmas Tree. The salt on your Margarita. We’ve done all the analysis and the assessment and now we’re giving you the answers on what to do. This is a comprehensive action plan to optimise your online presence. We can even go a step further and execute these recommendations for you in-house, which will ultimately save you time, headaches, and money.

Wow, this is quite a lot, isn’t it? Believe us, it’s a straight-forward process. What gives the extra magic? The knowledge and enthusiasm behind our amazing team, so they can do all of this with time and cost-efficiency, and a friendly smile.

DMS - non e-commerce

Ok, so your business does not sell online. Rich digital marketing is still essential in the 21st century, wouldn’t you agree? Digital marketing must support your marketing and business objectives. Images, videos, educational content, entertainment and more, are increasingly important in delivering a first-class experience to your target audience. People crave an experience online more than ever. It’s your memorable online personality that creates brand awareness.

DMS is all about delivering tailored campaigns for you. With our strategic approach, we integrate digital experiences for your target audience on their full customer journey, including search marketing, social media marketing and digital PR. As you read through the list below, you can see that it is very similar to our e-commerce offering, however the key difference is that our starting point is a clear understanding of your business, so we customise the strategic approach to your exact needs.

Our DMS non e-commerce approach includes:

Develop digital marketing strategy based on business objectives:

  • Consumer analysis (identify their needs, wants & desires)
  • Clickstream analysis
  • Engagement analysis / strategy
  • UX/ CX/ DX analysis/audit
  • SEO Audit / recommendations
  • Market segmentation / Digital SWOT/ PESTEL
  • Market + competitor analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Content gap analysis and strategy
  • Social responsibility
  • Looking at appropriate channels to target
  • Website analysis – using existing or benchmarking data

In this stand-alone service, we can offer two options. We can analyse your existing online data then we develop a tailor-made strategic plan with measurable outcomes to provide you with clear direction.

If you’re new to the idea of strategic data analysis and currently have no processes in place, firstly we assess your online presence and then determine what type of analytics services you require.

We specialise in Google Analytics, Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager.

Are you ready to move to the First Page? Ready for top quality leads and major traffic to your website? We’re proud to announce that our team knows a thing or two about Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising and we’re keen as mustard to catapult your business to Google stardom. We’ll take care of every single detail from account structure to ad copy to the ad settings to promote your brand, increase your leads and ultimately bring in those sales.

As part of our services, we can happily redesign your existing website to make it all shiny and new with optimal capabilities.

Of course, we base our redesign on the UX/ CX/ DX/ audit to make sure the redevelopment is research and data-driven.

We specialize in improving your website’s organic search ranking, which will drive more free traffic to your site and lead to more customers. 

Our seo services are designed to help you achieve your desired level of growth. 

Working with growth businesses of all sizes, from startups to national corporations we can help to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Services include SEO audits, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. Our digital marketing consulting services can help you to develop a custom digital marketing strategy for your business.



At Felicity Jane Digital, we achieve all of this together, with you. We listen to your business needs and we connect our knowledge of people with the latest technology to make it happen. All you have to do is hit the Contact Us button for your 30-minute free consultation, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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