6 Local SEO Strategies for Traffic and Lead Generation

Local SEO

6 Local SEO Strategies for Traffic and Lead Generation Using local SEO strategies can help to grow your traffic and boost lead generation. Keep on reading to learn effective SEO techniques that work. Did you know that if somebody looks for you on their phone, and finds your business, they will most likely visit or […]

How we manage YOUR SEO needs

managed seo scaled 1

How can we help you with your LOCAL SEO? The importance and value of SEO are well documented. Local SEO is, however, yet to be fully exploited. In fact, only 44% of businesses have laid claim to their Google My Business local listing. The few who employ local SEO strategies are raking in huge profits. […]

Dynamic Website Vs Static: Which Is Best For SEO?

static v dynamic web pages

Dynamic Website Vs Static: Which Is Best For SEO? Are you operating a static or dynamic website? They each have pros and cons. Keep reading to learn which one is better for your SEO. When it comes to improving your SEO, your number-one focus should always be on user experience. And, well, users can be […]

Google Launches New Q&A Feature: Make It Work For You.

google q and a on mobile

How The New Google Q&A Feature Works Google has just launched a Q&A feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile Search. The feature allows users to exchange information about places on Google Maps for Android and mobile search. To access information on a site, search the location on Search or Google Maps and open […]

Voice Search and SEO

voice search

If you have been undermining the significance of voice search so far then the accompanying figures are important for you to note. According to an examination directed by Northstar, 55% of the teens utilize voice search on a regular basis and 56% of adults actually enjoy using voice-based search. It is not only fun but […]

AMP and what it means for you

accelerated mobile pages what does it mean for you

The Impact of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on SEO and Digital Marketing Over the last few months, SEO strategists, online publishers, and digital marketers have been raising great concerns about the impact of AMP on SEO and digital marketing as well as the changing search engine algorithms. On, February 24, 2016 Google introduced the long […]

Is mobile friendliness all hype?

responsive devices

Not at all!  The biggest impact to online ‘search’ in 2015 was mobile.  On April 21, 2015 Google implemented mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in mobile search results. If your site is mobile friendly you can expect to rank above your competitors who don’t have a mobile friendly site.  Conversely pages designed only for […]

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