5 Quick Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

5 Quick Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Do you have a relatively new small business or a startup? If so, you need to build your digital brand in order to compete against other more established businesses. Aside from creating a website, google ads and SEO, you must also take time to make noise in the social web. Facebook is the largest social platform, boasting of over 1 billion users, most of whom log in every single day. This presents an enormous opportunity to get your name out there and promote your products and services to the right target audience. Keep reading for some quick Facebook marketing strategies for small businesses.

1. Take advantage of ad targeting.

Facebook proves to be a powerful marketing tool, thanks to its ad targeting feature. Of course, you don’t want to waste money paying for ads that prospective customers wouldn’t see. By using ad targeting, you can hone in on a very specific audience. For instance, you can target a group of females aged 30 and up living in New York with a keen interest in health and wellness. Targeting your ads ensures that they are seen by the right folks, thus boosting your conversion rates.

2. Use Facebook Offer ads.

Everybody loves coupons! They are a fantastic way of saving money and consumers simply couldn’t get enough of them. Facebook understands this, which is why they provide businesses an easy way to offer coupons on their platform. Facebook Offer ads are a great way to promote discounts and even offer free products or services. You can create unique redemption codes or bar codes which users need to enter or scan and then present in-store to claim the offer.

3. Run a Facebook contest.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s important that you don’t forget to actually socialize with followers. An excellent way to show some personality and get in touch with your audience is to run a Facebook contest. This can be as simple as asking followers to upload their picture while using your product. You can then select a winner and offer fantastic rewards.

4. Create entertaining videos.

By now, you should understand that social media users prefer viewing videos over large blocks of text. Particularly, you want to provide them with short, entertaining videos that get the message across without being annoying or intrusive. This is a win-win for you and your audience. They only need a few seconds to watch your video and you only have to spend a small fortune because short videos are easier to create and edit.

5. Get more personal.

It’s always frustrating when you try to communicate with a business and get an automated reply. It seems as if you’re talking to a robot! Social media users want to talk to a real person, so be sure to respond to all the comments and messages you receive—even if they contain negative feedback. Also, you might want to show some behind-the-scenes images from your everyday operations. Showing your audience that there are real people working behind your products and services can fuel trust, credibility and authority.

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