Be Found with SEO
(search engine optimisation)

The face of Search is continuously changing.

If you look at a search engine results page (SERP), the first organic position (the previously sought after elusive #1 position), is now the number 8 clickable result on the page ! And this is without considering position “0” !    The number 1 organic position is now hidden below four search ads, three map results and often a directory listing, which is at the top.  

The game has changed and businesses need to pay serious attention and make the most of local SERP market share.  Now is the ideal opportunity to get in ahead of your competition, get your businesses seen above the noise – you can’t afford not to be there!

Some statistics :
~  92% of users won’t visit page #2
~  Businesses on the first page gain 70% of Google’s internet traffic
~  Organic search results are 8.5 times more likely to be viewed than paid ads.

Why SEO/Search Engine Optimisation?

Have you ever looked for businesses on page #2 of search results? Let alone page #3 or #4 or beyond! You aren’t alone .. Most people will stay on page #1 OR do a new search. With these pages getting so little traffic why would you want your business there?

Not being on page #1 is costing your business money and you are virtually handing it over to your competition! You can’t afford to do that!

A well optimised site will attain higher rankings in search engines and more visitors. Your website needs to be optimised. A more popular website means direct revenue for your business.

You need a professional who understands how the whole process works to get this type of exposure.  Learn more about search engine optimisation and why you need it here.

Benefits of SEO

A higher ranking means more visitors to your site, and more people looking for your services

More Exposure Good SEO will work for you 24/7 – it’s like having a super-employee who never sleeps

More Credibility People tend to trust the websites at the top of search results more than those at the bottom

More Money A good website costs money, and if it can’t be found, it’s not making you any money in return

More Locations With SEO we can target specific areas and locations to promote your business and services

SEO is extremely cost effective unlike other forms of digital marketing such as Adwords. SEO builds your website into a long-term asset showing a solid ROI.

Adwords and other methods of promotion can blow your budget very quickly and once you stop your spend your ROI and visits to your site decrease.

On the other hand, with SEO you are continuously building your visibility and popularity on the web providing increasing results.

Our SEO services on the Sunshine Coast are designed to provide you with a strong ROI.

We keep our fees affordable, however we aren’t the cheapest on the Coast.

Our SEO /Search Engine Optimisation Process

In creating your comprehensive SEO strategy we start by finding the right keywords that support your content and services whilst also ensuring they provide maximum revenue. We also look at your competition and their keywords and how you can take their rankings directly. We then develop your website to be more appealing to both your customers and search engines. Following this we generate a number of strategies to boost your rankings to first page. Our off-page SEO services, often referred to as “link building” are cutting edge and totally safe. These have been adopted and developed in association with the world’s leading SEO community. Throughout the process we regularly monitor and audit your site to track movements and provide you with visual feedback so you can see how your website is performing.

Our criteria for working on your SEO is outlined here:

1. You know that results won’t happen over night. You are committed to getting results and prepared to wait a minimum of 9 months to see real results. Google has mechanisms in place to stop people cashing in quickly.

2. You recognise that $500 per month isn’t going to get you results and good ROI. You want a professional working more than a couple of hours a month working for you.

3. We work with one business from each industry to remain ethical and totally focussed on your business in that industry (not your competition).

4. We work with you in a transparent and ethical manner. Whilst we are happy to discuss our strategy with you, and we feel this important, we wont spend our time explaining how and why we do things. You must trust that we can get you the results you want. Just as you would trust a doctor or accountant to do their job without explaining their trade.

If you accept our criteria, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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