How To Increase Page Authority – According to Google

How To Increase Page Authority – According to Google

Ever wondered how to increase page authority for your website? Or what that even is? Here’s the what you need to know about how Google assesses page authority.

In the online world, every site is in a battle for top search engine ranking slots. When it comes to those rankings, Google is king. It’s a true dictatorship, they make and change the rules as they please.

Google used to let you see your page authority rankings, but it’s taken that away from its users. Now, you have to outsource to a site called MOZ to see your page rankings.

The thought of increasing your page authority can feel overwhelming since Google calls all the plays. We’re here to help. Keep reading to find out what it is and how to increase page authority.

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is a ranking system that shows how your site will rank in search engine searches. Google has a system showing rank from one to ten, but we can’t see Google’s rankings anymore.

Instead, we use moz.com’s ranking system which goes from 0-100. In Moz’s world, the higher your number the better it is. Sites with higher numbers will show up before sites with lower numbers in searches.

Almost no one has a score of 100, save for Google itself twitter, facebook, and Wikipedia. To get a score of 100, you have to be an industry leading site. Even top news sources are yet to break triple digits.

Find your site’s page authority here.

What score should you aim for?

The idea that the higher the best stands, but it’s relative. A blog is never going to have a super high page authority. Your goal should be a higher page authority than your competition.

That way, you’ll rank higher than them on Google and get the first round of clicks.

How to Increase Page Authority

When assessing page authority techniques, the classics still stand. Keywords and linking internally/externally is still an important thing to do to earn Google’s trust. You can’t go too crazy with them or you’ll get punished.

Google can recognize when sites are overusing keywords and links to get clicks, it then sees those pages as untrustworthy. Untrustworthy sites get ranked lower.

There are newer ways of how to increase page authority trending in 2017. One of the biggest ones is your site’s mobile capabilities. To get a boost in your page authority rankings, you need to have a site that’s easily accessible to mobile devices.

It’s easy to see why Google is favoring mobile-friendly sites right now. They announced two years ago that mobile searches had surpassed online browser searches.

To increase your page authority with your mobile accessibility, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure your web design makes sense to use on both mobile and desktop.

Then, you’ll want to consider having a web designer create a schema markup for you. Basically, schema markups make it easier for Google to pull content from your site. If Google knows your content and it matches what someone is searching for, your page will get displayed first.

Once you’ve checked out your site’s page authority ranking, make sure you check your competitors. Then, do whatever you can to surpass theirs and stay ahead of them. As long as you’re the top competitor in your market, you’re number one!

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