Geotagging images hasn’t disappeared from Local SEO

Geotagging Hasn’t Disappeared from Local SEO Strategy

Geotagging, also known as geocoding, is the addition of a physical location to photos and videos in the form of metadata. When you geotag your media, you are able to include its geographical location like the state or city, or you can add the specific location that the media was geotagged using longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates.

Geotagging doesn’t need to be difficult, most applications have the option of geotagging whatever media that you are uploading. Any person who has a device that can access the Internet is able to see the location pinned. Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth, as well as other phone applications, are able to detect the location of photos or videos uploaded that are geotagged.

For local businesses and companies, geotagging is essential as it helps your potential clients to find your business easily. For example, anyone searching for IT companies in the UK is able to get a variety of those as listed on the Internet if you have Geotagging enabled for your business location.

Another reason why Geotagging is important for your local SEO strategy is because images usually appear at the top of search results. Geotagging your images would ensure that they appear at the top of search engine results page.

Finally, Geotagging is very effective when it comes to social networking — which is a perfect opportunity to improve the credibility of your business. Take for instance FourSquare or Facebook check in. You are able to get the best recommendations of places that are geotagged.

Manual Geotagging

Step-by- Step Phone Guide: Access the geotagging tool settings in your phone and follow the step by step guide that is provided there (when you device has that option).

GPS-Enabled Camera: For food, fashion, travel and other bloggers — as well as for photographers who travel around the globe — a GPS-enabled camera can be a great way to ensure that whatever video or photo you take has its coordinates and other location information automatically captured.

Geotagging can be an effective way to bring you local audience in a short span of time in conjunction with other strategies put in place.

Although there can potentially be some challenges, geotagging is not about to disappear any time soon from your local SEO strategy. Have you tried geotagging before? Share with us your experience and recommend any good applications or devices, we love to hear your experiences.

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