Grant Opportunities

Leverage the various Small Business and Entrepreneur Grants programs across Australia, and access discounted Felicity Jane Digital products and services

We are committed to growth and strategy solutions for independent consultants, and proudly support independent businesses who wish to apply for Government grant funding.

We would love to work with you to grow your business, and help you get matched funding.

Matched funding is a fantastic initiative by many government bodies, to support the growth of small business.

By financially supporting independent businesses (like yours), independent consultants can access Felicity Jane Digital’s growth and strategy products at a reduced rate. work directly with Jane Cluff at a discounted rate. 

We have successfully worked with consultants to apply for funding in QLD, and are expanding this focus across NSW and Victoria in 2019. 

We can directly assist with your individual application, and commit to providing all information and documentation required by the government – both for the application, as well as the payment of the matched funding on completion of the project.

Want to be advised when Grant Programs are opening for the next round? 
We’d love to help you get matched funding!

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