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We provide real-world SEO skills designed to boost your business and your brand. We help businesses across Australia, big and small, increase their digital knowledge and stay ahead of their competitors. To find that competitive edge, check out the various courses we offer below.

Build Your Brand With SEO Courses Online | Felicity Jane Digital

Build Your Brand With Our SEO Courses Online

SEO has become a buzzword across the business world in recent years. But, wait, what does it really mean? Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the practice of increasing both the quantity and the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

At Felicity Jane Digital, we understand the importance of SEO for businesses across Australia. Whether you have already embraced the digital world or are about to take the plunge, ensuring that your website stands out from the crowd is a crucial element of your business’s success. 

To help you and your business flourish online – with the bottom line being more inquiries, customers, and sales – we run several online courses. So, whether you are looking for a leg up with SEO best practices for your business, you would like to build your own tailored website, or you want to sharpen your overall digital marketing skills, Felicity Jane Digital is the number one choice for your business in Australia.

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors


6 Module SEO Course

This is an intensive, six-month SEO course designed to teach you how to increase traffic to your website, as well as increase your business leads and customer base. This will all be achieved organically, meaning without having to pay for adverts.


IN-house SEO

You get to become the expert and grow your business. In this course, we'll work one-to-one with you for a period of four months. Here, you'll be hands-on in your business with guidance and regular support. In this time you will become an SEO expert and see your business grow organically.

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Create a Website

In this course, you will learn specifically how to create a WordPress website using Elementor, a fantastic Drag & Drop builder that will give your business the edge online. You will have full control over your design and back-end elements, and all the support you need to design the website that matches your business's vision, brand, and identity.

Benefits of SEO for Businesses

There are many benefits of utilising SEO for your business. These include:

Increase Your Customers

Growing your clientele and increasing your sales is key for all businesses, especially small or new businesses during their growth stage. An SEO optimised website is an efficient and affordable marketing strategy. Also, SEO focuses on reaching people who are actively seeking your service or product. By utilising your website for SEO, you will bring targeted traffic to your website – the people more likely to become your customers or clients.

Create a User-Friendly Website

When we talk about UX, we’re talking about user experience. This is quite a broad term, especially when paired with SEO. Knowing the value of one for the other is crucial when laying out your website or creating content for its pages. Having a website with engaging and captivating content encourages users to stay on your website. A website that is fast, mobile-friendly, secure, and easy to navigate promotes a positive user experience. This in turn creates positivity around your brand.

Build Your Brand

So we know that a website that is SEO-optimised is user-friendly and targets relevant traffic. With a higher Google ranking, potential customers are more likely to ‘trust’ your brand when they search for a particular term. Businesses that don’t have a strong and effective digital presence are less likely to be trusted by the public. Getting your business on the first page of a Google search is crucial to help build your brand and market it as trustworthy and an authority on their particular niche.


6 module seo course outline

Ranking & Visibility

We examine the factors that determine your position in Google and other search engines.  

Outcome: ranking higher and being seen by more people

On-Site SEO

Learn about the essential elements that you can change (and how to change them).

Outcome: earn more relevant organic search engine traffic

Links & Link Building

Understand the importance of links. Learn how to analyse links and their value.

Outcome: understanding link building basics

Local seo

If you serve a local area learn how to optimise GMB and get ranking in the Map Pack.

Outcome: local customers finding you before your competitors

keywords & keyword research

Learn how to find the words and phrases that will have the greatest impact for your business.

Outcome: getting the right type of clients

crawling & site audits

Learn how search engines crawl, index and how to audit the ranking power of content.

Outcome: understanding how the ecosystem works and your role

Jane Cluff photo by Karen Cougan

I Am Jane

Sharing my knowledge is something that comes naturally to me.  I’ve taught in TAFE’s, Community Colleges and privately for over 20 years..

I am recognised through the Australian Marketing Association as a Certified Practicing Marketer, placing me amongst the industry’s most recognised professionals. 

I have a passion for, and certified in, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), User Experience (UX), A/B split testing, web design and web development.

I hold a Masters of Applied Digital Marketing; Bachelor of Psychology; Post Graduate Computer Science, Post Graduate Urban and Regional Planning and a Graduate Diploma of Digital Design.

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