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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the strategy digital marketers utilise to get your business to show up in Search Results when your potential clients are searching for you.

An essential marketing tool for ALL businesses.

benefits of seo

> Your audience can find you when they want to.
> You get leads that are relevant.
> You can get ahead of your competition.
>SEO gets more clicks than paid ads.
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google's map pack

The Local Map pack

The local map pack is THE MOST important area of SEO if you are a local business.

When you search for local services google show you a visual map and the details of 3 local businesses.

why it is important

> The Map Pack appears in almost 30% of first pages for organic search results
> 76% of mobile "near me" searcheres visit a related store the same day
> You get access to insights into how visitors are searching for you
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A website is your 24hr shopfront

> It showcases your business and lets potential clients understand what you stand for.
> It communicates your brand's values
> It allows you to capture leads.
> BUT ... looks alone won't win you leads.

What it should be able to achieve

> Give you a competitive advantage and improve your business image
>Funnel visitors through to different areas of your site to either make a purchase, capture leads or take other actions.
> Save money on printing and distribution costs.
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What are they?

Google Ads are the paid search results that appear generally at the top of search pages or on other websites. You pay when a person 'clicks' on your ad (it doesn't mean they will purchase) simply that they will find your business.

Great option for new businesses to generate brand awareness or increase customers.

Benefits of Google ads

> Google Ads work faster than SEO.
> You can reach more customers.
> You can reconnect with visitors who have already visited your website (through remarketing).
> You can measure performance and ROI consistently.
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The safest digital marketing (non) agency

At Felicity Jane Digital, we are the Safest Digital Marketing Agency on the Sunshine Coast. We have specialists in Google Ads, Geeked-Out SEO Experts and Social Media Addicts who can get your business out there and exposed to the masses! Beware of The ‘Digital Marketing Gurus’

Digital Marketing is an industry you need to be careful with. There is no end to the number of Marketing Gurus (sharks) who will take your money and show you little to no return on investment. Sure, you’ll receive some Digital Marketing reports! Reports which make no sense, and will even contain nice images showing pie charts and upward arrows!

At Felicity Jane we specialise in helping you understand the numbers so that you can make the right decision for your business, not just blindly trust that we are


Setting up your marketing mix

In order to see the best results in Digital Marketing, you need to create a ‘Marketing Mix’. This is a combination of] Google Ads, SEO and social media. In order to know what will be right for your digital marketing mix, you need a seasoned professional to create your Digital Marketing Strategy.

But… You Don’t Really Want Digital Marketing…

At the end of the day what are you really wanting for your money?

  • You are here because you want more income.
  • That income comes from more sales.
  • Those sales should come from better Digital Marketing.
  • And Better Digital Marketing will come from us.


Let’s face it, Nike doesn’t sell shoes – they sell a health lifestyle. And we don’t sell Marketing – we sell Results. And that’s what you’re looking for, results. You want to see more income in your business as a result of our work.


Where Did Felicity Jane Digital Marketing Start?

At first, it was a solo effort by Jane Cluff. Jane has a fascinating background in her work life which brings a refreshing difference to her approach.

However, now there are multiple experts all working together under Jane’s guidance to deliver the best for all clients. You will rarely get to peek into the boiler room full of geeks, and if you do it’s a rare occasion. They work together in the background under Janes’ leadership to promote your company, product or service using Facebook, Google Adwords, Organic SEO and more.

Simple Digital Strategy

One of the biggest issues in Digital Marketing is the techno-babble they all go on with. Words and acronyms that are designed to confuse you and make you feel stupid so that you don’t question them. The moment you do question them the air in the room changes and so does the dynamic of the relationship.

We can put together a simple yet effective strategy for you to implement as we coach you, or our team can do it for you. We will report our amazing results monthly.

We Listen To Our Clients

Listening to our clients’ needs is the best way to understand the goals, create common sense plans and then explain what needs to be done in plain english.

Sunshine Coast social media marketing needs a well thought out yet simple strategy to compete and dominate your industry online.

It’s what we do.

Small Business Digital Marketing

You may be a busy small business owner who needs help with the day-to-day management of your social media accounts. Your time is your most valued commodity, and that’s what we are here to help you liberate!

Corporate Digital Marketing

You may work for a major corporation who needs better strategic planning. We’re ready to step up and work with you to achieve your KPI’s. We know that in the corporate world the biggest asset you have is someone who will support you in your position.

Lets Work Together!

So let’s work together to get your marketing up-to-scratch. Once we’re finished you won’t look back.

If you’re looking for a Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency and you’re ready to get better results just give Jane and her team a call today!