What is Organic Search Traffic and Why Do You Need It

What Organic Search Traffic is and Why You Need It SEO is at the heart of any good website’s advertising efforts. But do you know what organic search traffic is and why it matters? Read on to find out! Want to grow your website and engage readers? Struggling to get more clients and sales? If […]

7 Reasons to Maximise Your Local SEO in Brisbane

7 Reasons to Maximise Your Local SEO in Brisbane Local SEO in Brisbane is essential to staying ahead of your competition. Learn how your business can benefit by emphasising local SEO in your marketing. Is local SEO a hurdle for your business? It doesn’t have to be. When done right, optimizing your website for local […]

Writing great content with Google in mind

Google personnel and content developers have over time learned the art of developing great, appealing, eye-catching content, consequently making the company earn its giant title of world’s most significant search engine.  The team works with a set of guidelines that Brian Ussery, one of Google’s most popular contributors, recently shared to enlighten creators of digital […]

Google Launches New Q&A Feature: Make It Work For You.

How The New Google Q&A Feature Works Google has just launched a Q&A feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile Search. The feature allows users to exchange information about places on Google Maps for Android and mobile search. To access information on a site, search the location on Search or Google Maps and open […]

Why update themes & plugins?

Why Update WordPress, Plugins And Themes? It is crucial to always update your WordPress website, plugins, and themes to their latest versions. Each update aims to improve the performance of your site. Whenever you see an update notification on your Dashboard, you should install the latest version. Why Update WordPress Core, Themes, And Plugins To […]

The importance of Reviews

Reviews are now an important aspect of the web. They play a key role for all online businesses. Whether they sell online or not, reviews are also very important for local businesses, due to their potential top positions in local search results. This trend has become very clear, with the Google My Business listings dominant […]

Our Local SEO Strategy

The importance and value of SEO are well documented. Local SEO is, however, yet to be fully exploited. In fact, only 44% of businesses have laid claim to their Google My Business local listing. The few who employ local SEO strategies are raking in huge profits. A recent survey shows local searches make up 46% […]

5 Quick Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

5 Quick Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses Do you have a relatively new small business or a startup? If so, you need to build your digital brand in order to compete against other more established businesses. Aside from creating a website, google ads and SEO, you must also take time to make noise in […]

How To Increase Page Authority – According to Google

How To Increase Page Authority – According to Google Ever wondered how to increase page authority for your website? Or what that even is? Here’s the what you need to know about how Google assesses page authority. In the online world, every site is in a battle for top search engine ranking slots. When it […]

Tech Trends that Stimulate Small Business Growth

Tech Trends that Stimulate Small Business Growth There are plenty of technologies out there designed just to help small businesses. Here are some tech trends that will stimulate growth in your small business. As a small-business owner, you already know how important technology is to your company and its growth. But there are so many […]